Customized solutions: because each sector of industry is different

Every sector places its own demands on refrigeration processes. GRADE Refrigeration has succeeded in becoming the direct contact for the Middle East market in refrigeration by investigating in depth the specific aspects of each sector. Our experts provide total, tailor-made solutions to cooling and control questions, plus the necessary service, to customers in the following segments.


Food Processing

Each branch in the food processing industry applies specific conditions for temperature control of their products. In general, it is particularly about maintaining quality by means of climate control in the production and transport chain. In order to enable producers, storage and transshipment companies to guarantee the requested added value and to meet the demands GRADE refrigeration realizes customized solutions in the refrigeration industry.

Ice plants

Ice Plants

GRADE Refrigeration has a strong presence in ice production industry with our world class components / services and our focused approach with complete solution in the field from design, engineering, installation and commissioning to maintenance.



In order to translate every requirement into a (reasonably priced) solution, we at GRADE Refrigeration opt to work in close collaboration with the customer, so the circle of quality is continuous, from advice, engineering and installation to extended lift spans and replacement via service and maintenance, with an emphasis on economy, energy, safety, continuity, the environment and people.



All the way from fishing ships to juice transport: many perishable goods are transported on the high seas. Our refrigeration technology makes every effort to ensure that they arrive unharmed.


Chemicals / Pharmaceuticals

Process technology has been developing continuously and dynamically. In the chemical and pharmaceutical industry there is a growing capacity. The demand for control by means of mechanical refrigeration systems has risen proportionally. Day to day practice is ruled by quality procedures, safety regulations and continuous processes that are based on minimum down times.



GEA Refrigeration Technologies manages the complexity of its customers’ needs by providing innovative products and solutions to engineering challenges in selected power industries. .


Storage & distribution

Current logistics goes far beyond shifting supplies. Apart from transport the sector also offers complete and customer specific solutions for storage and distribution. Just-in-time deliveries, order picking, assembly, packaging, stock control, enterprise resource planning, internal and external distribution all belong to the added values of Value Added Logistics.



With the right air and/or water treatment it is possible to control processes and the required temperature levels in a wide range of industries. Because of this, work can be done more efficiently. In some cases work is even impossible without applying effective refrigeration systems only GRADE Refrigeration can deliver.



Whether chilling or freezing products or air-conditioning the salesroom – the energy consumed by conventional refrigeration technology is immense. That said, the latest technology - refrigeration system regulation for example - offers an enormous savings potential by using frequency converter technology.

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