Still cool: Fish Sticks & Co.

Caution: hot and oily. Producing fish sticks is not child’s play. Hot air and deep- frying oil in very tight spaces place strict demands on freezers. With our freezers, the golden-yellow delicacies land without difficulty – fresh and in appetizing packing – in the freezers of supermarkets and consumers.

The invention of fish sticks represented one degree of perfection in newly developed frozen foods. They need no further processing, you can prepare perfect fish sticks without cooking skills, they conjure up smiles on almost every face – and they have helped generations of children to love the taste of fish. Behind this stroke of genius, a great deal of know-how still hides today. Once the sticks have been formed from raw cod or pollock, they are covered with a delicious coating consisting of starch, flour, spices, salt, and breadcrumbs and then fried. A spiral freezer then decreases the temperature of the fish sticks from 80 to - 18 °C / 176 to - 0.4 °F. These freezers are virtually made to order for individual applications. Their vertical configuration saves footprint room. In addition, the tightly meshed conveyor belts assure gentle transport of the fish sticks with their delicate coating. GEA Refrigeration Technologies offers reliable machines that can stand up to rough conditions and continuous operation. Each centimeter counts – which calls for really close quarters, including the individual production steps of deep-frying and freezing. Warm air inevitably enters the freezers, condenses on the heat exchangers, and impairs their function. An automatic control system minimizes these difficulties by assuring balanced conditions in the air between product entry and exit. Likewise, we counter the inevitable entry of moisture and, in turn, frost formation on the heat exchangers, with an automatic snow-removal system (SRS) or a sequential defrost system (SD). As a result, GEA spiral freezers can operate for days on end without interruption. Even dripping deep-fry oil cannot hinder the machines in their processing. GEA Refrigeration Technologies guarantees this, with matching stainless-steel conveyor belts and drives.


Hotly loved and deep-frozen:
for decades now, fish sticks have been a classic of frozen food. Our spiral freezers are the right choice for further trendy products – such as chicken nuggets and meatballs.


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