Moscow Snowdome
Refrigeration technology for leisure - Artificial snow


Industry Segment

Indoor ski slopes


Moscow Snowdome Moscow, Russia


Indoor Snow production for the biggest European Snowdome, without increasing the relative humidity for the comfort of skiers.

Short description of the solution

Snow is produced by crushing flake ice. The ice is produced inside two containers. The containers are mounted one over the other, preassembled and factory tested. The snow produced is blown at the various needed distances.

Snow is produced when the customer wants and can be stored in a heap near the tracks and then spread out for the stopping phases and grooming.

When the tracks are free, the snow can be blowed directly onto the surface, in order to regularize and fill gaps in snow. The system allows snowmaking whatever the outside temperature, both negative and positive.

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Key figures

Capacity in kW (at temperature level): 3 SL 50 Snowline Units - Snow production :150m3/day


Secondary refrigerant:


Company: GEA Matal

Year of installation: 2007

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