Refrigeration technology for marine systems

When people travel over the high seas – or when perishable goods such as fish and juice must be shipped: rivers and oceans are still highly attractive as routes of transport.

With our refrigeration and cooling technologies, we make every effort to ensure that passengers are comfortable and that cargo arrives in good condition.

And we are specialists in delivering refrigeration technology for compact transport of energy: for example, for cost-efficient transport of liquefied natural gas from distant storage facilities to consumption centers.


Cruise ships

The way is the goal. For vacationers who book a cruise, the ship experience itself has increasingly become the actual destination. Cruise ships are becoming ever larger, and passengers expect an extensive offering of entertainment, sports, wellness and luxury.


Fishing trawlers

The fishing sector not only supplies consumers with seafood – one of the most important of food types – but also assures the economic existence of countless people. Flawless cooling is critical


Juice carriers

It serves as a morning wake-up, an invigorating vitamin kick at the office, and as a constituent for many mixed drinks: orange juice. This beverage enjoys great popularity throughout the entire world. As direct juice, or as juice concentrate, it is available virtually everywhere – thanks to advanced and precise refrigeration technology by GEA Refrigeration Technologies.



In case of reefer vessels that primarily transport loads of bananas and citrus fruits it is important to create a climate that stops or slows down the ripening of the fruit during transport. This asks for sophisticated air circulation, humidity, distribution and cooling systems.

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