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Jupiter Namsov Fishing Enterprises (Pty) Ltd Namibia


Modernized with GEA technology: today, the “Jupiter” carries 2,000 metric tons of freight. Its freezing capacity is 170 tons per day – 2.5 times its previous rating.

Short description of the solution

The Jupiter has a cargo capacity of 2,000 metric tons. Freezing capacity has risen by around 250 %: from originally 65 to now an average of 170 tons per day. For Jupiter this was a major milestone – but almost routine for the experienced GEA team, which has for decades been intimately familiar with this ship type (Atlantik 488).

Refrigeration systems on board of the Jupiter:

  • 10 vertical plate freezers (V-32)
  • 2 Grasso screw compressors (Y-1)
  • 1 Grasso screw compressor unit (SK-3)
  • 2 air coolers (each 45 kW)
  • Valves and control units
  • Refrigerated seawater system (RSW)
  • 2 saltwater pumps

Key figures

Capacity in kW (at temperature level): 1,260 kW Refrigerant: Water Secondary refrigerant: Water


Company: GEA Refrigeration Technologies Year of installation: 2006


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