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GOn the mainland or on the high seas: with products from GEA Refrigeration Technologies you can efficiently and safely extract, transport, and refine raw materials. In many applications, we assure that you maintain the required pressures and precise temperatures.

Fertilizer plants
GEA Refrigeration Technologies designs and delivers chillers for industrial processes and for plant-water utilities, as well as key components for ammonia boil-off systems.

Environmental systems
GEA compressors and process chillers are used for flare gas recovery by liquefaction, as well as for separation into the various light ends. Such units can also be applied in propylene and ethylene boil-off systems.

Petrochemical plants
GEA Refrigeration Technologies offers systems for process refrigeration and for plant-water refrigeration facilities. These units are typically used for overhead condensers in the separation train. Typical applications are for TDI, LDPE, and HDPE – as well as for hydrocarbon and ammonia boil-off.

Air separation
For air separation, GEA customers benefit from our know-how and long experience with CO2 applications.

Gas separation
GEA Refrigeration Technologies provides refrigeration plants for gas liquefaction (LPG, GLT, and LNG) and for separation of the constituents into light-end fractions: e.g., butane, and light gasoline. In addition, GEA equipment is widely used in related plants and storage systems: for example, for recovery of hydrocarbon boil-off.

LNG plants
GEA Refrigeration Technologies provides refrigeration plants for gas liquefaction as well as for gas separation in LNG facilities.

Steel mills
Customers benefit from GEA solutions for SO2 emission abatement and from our long experience with these applications.

Offshore applications (FPSO)
GEA Refrigeration Technologies provides solutions for chilling with utilities facilities and for gas liquefaction. GEA compressor skids for use in these applications are designed and manufactured not only according to the customer’s needs, but also conform to strict API standards and relevant design codes. In addition, GEA offshore equipment is optimized in size and weight.

Power plants
Our solutions for power generation include compressors for fuel gas boosting, gas turbine inlet cooling systems, gas treatment, and carbon capture storage.

GEA Refrigeration Technologies designs and supplies gas boosting systems for refineries.



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