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With its 111-year tradition, the Alpine chocolate brand Milka is a world-famous brand. Lovers of Milka chocolate associate the brand with luscious Alpine pastures and especially creamy milk as a raw material for the “gentlest temptation since the dawn of chocolate”. The famous Milka chocolate also does justice to its image of being close to nature by its production methods. To prevent this gentle temptation from becoming a messy disappointment, reliable refrigeration is absolutely essential in the production process. In addition to the efficiency of the cooling systems, a contribution to climate protection also plays a key role for Kraft Foods, the international food and beverage conglomerate that makes Milka chocolate. Consequently, management in Lörrach decided to operate with natural refrigerants instead of ozone-damaging R22.


Climate-friendly modernization of the refrigeration system
Within the context of a contracting agreement, the company EnBW Energy Solutions GmbH accepted responsibility for the planning, construction, and financing of a new solution for the energy supply, including refrigeration. Kraft Foods therefore enjoyed a complete, one-stop solution and has been able to concentrate fully on day-to-day business.

Short description of the solution

To optimize refrigeration, EnBW Energy Solutions designed centralization of the cooling facilities that had been distributed throughout seven separate refrigeration centers. This became possible by combination of the previous refrigeration plants into four inter-connected units – supplemented by a free cooling system that uses low outdoor air temperatures for cooling.
This network allows the refrigeration systems in future to be employed in more concerted manner. In addition, an automation solution allows optimized planning of equipment operation. As a result, the refrigeration units can be operated at their optimal efficiency in accordance with momentary refrigeration demand. The employment of variable-speed compressors from GEA Grasso in the three new refrigeration units installed by EnBW now enables enhancement of the refrigeration efficiency of greater than 30 percent over the previous plant. The refrigeration equipment from GEA Grasso, with a rating of 3.8 MW, is characterized by efficient functioning and environmental compatibility – not least owing to elimination of the ozone-harmful refrigerant R22.

Key figures

Capacity in kW (at temperature level):  
Refrigerant: R-717 (NH3)
Secondary refrigerant:


Company: 3.8 MW 
Year of installation:  
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