Winter fun – when it’s summer outside

Refrigeration technology for leisure - Artificial snow


Mild winters mean lean business for many skiing centers. Especially smaller hotels are hardly able to financially survive a poor winter season. Our solution: if you can’t depend on the weather, then depend on the snow cannons of GEA Refrigeration Technologies. They assure realistic snowfalls, even when Father Frost decides not to help.

Refrigeration technology for leisure - Artificial snow


GEA Refrigeration Technologies has equipped the indoor ski slope in Moscow – the Moscow Snowdome – with three snow cannons from the Snowline range by Geneglace (SL 50 Snowline). These cannons, mounted on containers, produce 150 m3 of snow daily. GEA Refrigeration Technologies has made a name for itself as specialist for the production of industrially used flake ice – and has employed this profound know-how in the production of artificial snow as well. After all, this snow actually consists of crushed ice – without any additives. This ice is produced in advance and is stockpiled in heaps near the indoor ski slopes. When the slope is not being used, the artificial snow is blown under great pressure through a flexible hose up to a distance of 100 m to the required places: for example, in order to compensate for unevenness or to prepare the slope for a new session

Refrigeration technology for leisure - Artificial snow


Artificial cold as a factor of fun: we’ll let it snow for you – indoors or outside in the open, regardless of the temperature.

The best of all here: it does not have to be really cold for these snow cannons to properly function. Snowline also functions at temperatures above freezing – whether indoors or out. At a Belgian ski resort near Brussels, professional snowboarders and skiers have tested Snowline snow at summer outdoor temperatures of 20 °C. They were excited over the natural loveliness and the good quality of the artificial snow. The SL 50 Snowline snow cannon produces from 50 to 55 m3 of snow per day – output that suffices to cover an area of 1,000 m2 with 20 cm of snow in three to four days. Likewise, in the Japanese ski region of Utopia Saioto, GEA snow cannons guarantee a perfect and long skiing season. Indoors or outside in the open, Snowline produces the same results even beyond the winter season: “Great conditions for skiing and tobogganing.”

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