GEA power applications

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GEA power applications
GEA Refrigeration Technologies for power industrie
GEA Refrigeration Technologies for power industrie

Gas turbine and engine fuel boosters
Compressors are used in gas turbine fuel-booster applications for compressing natural gas from various sources and, in turn, for assuring constant discharge pressures. Such pressures are required, for example, by combustion turbine-generators, fired by natural gas, for generating electricity. Fuel-gas booster compressors ensure continuous supply of fuel gas at constant specified discharge pressures to the turbine-generators, where the volume of fuel gas required is determined by the electric power demand on the system.

Carbon capture storage
CO₂ and the control of emissions have developed into an important aspect of the oil and gas industry. CO₂ can be liquefied and pumped, as well as compressed and injected into oil fields for enhanced oil recovery.

Chiller unit packages and gas-turbine inlet cooling systems
GEA Refrigeration Technologies designs and manufactures chilling systems for turbine air inlet. This technology is utilized with both simple and combined-cycle gas turbines in the power generation industry.

Gas gathering
GEA screw compressors are used in natural gas extraction for compressing and liquifying the gas, for assuring pipeline-quality gas, and for providing effective gas transport.

Carbon capture and storage (CCS)
GEA screw compressors are applied in sequestration and storage of CO₂ that is released from fossil fuel in power generation.

Turbine-inlet air cooling systems (TIAC)
GEA chillers are used to significantly increase gas turbine power output by cooling air inlet during periods of warm ambient temperatures.

Biogas and landfill
Biogas and landfill gas are generated by decomposing organic waste. The purified fermentation gas can then be collected in gas storage facilities and compressed for further use in heating, production of electricity, and direct feed into the natural gas mains.

Flare gas recovery
Compressors enable the recovery of flare gas that is generated in crude-oil extraction and chemical plants. The gas is compressed to recover hydrocarbons for further use. Our gas compressors perfectly match the requirements of flare gas recovery systems to meet future demands for higher efficiency and sustainability.

Process gas
GEA screw compressors are highly effective for the efficient use of process gas produced as a by-product during manufacturing processes in chemical plants in other industries. Process gas – e.g., propane, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide – are examples of gas that can be collected and compressed according to specific requirements.


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