Market research has shown that demand for meat has scarcely changed. The amount of prepackaged meat is continuing to increase, influenced by the trend to convenience food and cost savings at supermarkets. There also seems to be an increase in ready-made meals using meat components. Demand for fresh product is characterised by enormous diversity. The important factor for keeping demand up to the mark is the guarantee of quality maintenance throughout the entire production chain, from fattening and slaughter to semi-finished and end products. This involves maintaining colour, moisture and cell structure, among other things.

Our meat-processing customers know the importance of quality and shelf life. Our staff know exactly how the temperatures required all along the line, from processing, logistics and storage, and those laid down by legilslation, are created and controlled. Much consideration is given to having the correct level of moisture and to avoiding frost burn during deep-freezing. The economic return from heat recovery, for example, is also important.
We scored in the sector of screw compressors with outstanding product characteristics such as reliability as well as simpler controllability and troubleshooting via the function-filled GEA FES GForce control panel. The compressor units are designed such that the unavoidable replacement of the thrust bearing can be easily carried out, with neither compressor nor seals being removed in the process. Moreover, refrigeration unit and freezer harmonize with each other perfectly and can be offered from one source.


In order to translate every requirement into a (reasonably priced) solution, we at GRADE Refrigeration opt to work in close collaboration with the customer, so the circle of quality is continuous, from advice, engineering and installation to extended lift spans and replacement via service and maintenance, with an emphasis on economy, energy, safety, continuity, the environment and people.


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