Highly-Efficient Supermarket Refrigeration with latest Compressor Technology

In touch with your market: supermarket refrigeration Highly-Efficient Supermarket Refrigeration with latest Compressor Technology

When we consider the energy requirement of a supermarket, we soon realise that its largest energy consumer is today's refrigeration technology. Whether chilling or freezing products or air-conditioning the salesroom – the energy consumed by conventional refrigeration technology is immense. That said, the latest technology - refrigeration system regulation for example - offers an enormous savings potential by using frequency converter technology.

Supermarket refrigeration

This is why leading supermarket chains are going more and more for energy-optimised systems in both new and refurbished stores, placing increasing reliance on natural refrigerants such as CO2 (R744). Our systems meets this requirement with numerous solutions in diverse designs and sizes.

Once the fish has been unloaded from a trawler or cutter after long days on the high sea, speed is once again essential – as is refrigeration. GEA Geneglace ice machines are first choice for over-land transportation as well – and for storage in halls and for product presentation of fresh fish and other seafood in supermarkets.

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