Refrigeration for rounding-off: Pizza

As a snack in your hand, or ordered online for the office, or with extravagant toppings for a cozy evening, or as an economical and fast frozen-food dish for the family: the great diversity of this savory flatbread can hardly be outdone. And for the required cooling and freezing technology, diversity and individuality likewise play the deciding roles.

Pizza is the most evident synonym for convenience food itself – throughout the entire world. In the USA, for example, we are told that Americans eat about 40 hectares of pizza every day – the area of around 90 soccer fields. Its great success is based on its versatility. Whether topped with meat, vegetables, or seafood: there is something in a pizza for practically everyone. And you can say the same about systems provided by GEA Refrigeration Technologies – whatever pizza variations are included in your product portfolio, we’ll find the matching cooling and freezing technology.

Now and then, we are asked for a solution before production of these Neapolitan specialties actually begins. For example: for the harvest of broccoli, a popular pizza topping. Broccoli must be cooled still on the field with flake ice or liquid ice, since its great metabolic activity would otherwise quickly make it appear wilted. GEA Refrigeration Technologies offers the ideal ice generators for this purpose. You can also relax while depending on our systems for the subsequent cooling processes with broccoli and other vegetable types in the food-processing industry: for example, GEA IQF tunnels with individually quick frozen technology (IQF). This technology guarantees the individual freezing of fruits and vegetables, so that vegetable topping can be easily weighed later by a machine and distributed over the pizzas.


Vegetables and spices are distributed while still frozen over the pizzas. GEA tunnels with IQF technology are the perfect solution here.


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