Frosty home for polar bears and penguins

Children love to go to zoos and animal gardens. And adults have their fun as well in observing domestic or exotic animals and to take a little chance to relax. Entirely apart from the fun factor, zoos are important institutions, since they serve to breed and research rare animals. This is reason enough for GEA Refrigeration Technologies to contribute to their well-being with effective refrigeration technology – for example, at the nature theme park Océanopolis in France. Océanopolis is located adjacent to the port of Brest and – in entertaining yet educational manner – acquaints its visitors with oceanic fauna and flora from various climate zones of the earth. The adventure world at Océanopolis centers on the various oceans and is broken down into exhibition areas for tropical, moderate, and polar seas.

Refrigeration technology for leisure - Artificial snow


Our F90V im GEA Geneglace flake-ice machines are in operation in the polar section, where they produce up to 3.5 tons of ice daily. The ice machine at Océanopolis produces the flake ice as needed. An ice storage area with a capacity of 4 tons serves as a buffer between ice production and consumption. The two GEA units are located in a machine room 40 m from the penguin area, so that the operational noise does not disturb them. A pneumatic conveyor system – also by GEA – assures plentiful ice supply: the ice moves to the penguins through a 40-m pipe with an internal diameter of 50 mm. This arrangement enhances ice quality, since during transport the ice flakes rub against each other and break into smaller pieces. Once it arrives at the penguin section, the ice is fine enough for the penguins to comfortably walk over it. The penguins at Océanopolis appear to enjoy the quality of the ice: their physical activity and their numerous offspring are surely evidence that these animals feel at home in Brittany, despite the mild climate

Available references:

Océanopolis theme park in France

Magic Ice Museum in Istanbul, Turkey

Refrigeration technology for leisure - Artificial snow


Russian animal ice-lovers also enjoy our refrigeration technology: in the Moscow Zoo, the oldest zoo in Russia, a Geneglace ice machine serves for a natural environment in the polar-bear section. Here as well, regular births of offspring lead to the conclusion that the bears are well and healthy there.

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