GRADE Refrigeration is a market leader in industrial refrigeration. Our products are the result of continuous innovation. We manufacture components, deliver, install, maintain and provide services.
Our success is due to dedicated employees in our company.  We are looking for more dedicated employees -- ambitious men and women for all levels of the company.  People who can build good working relationships with colleagues and customers.

As an employee, you can feel proud. GRADE Refrigeration is leading the way with sustainable refrigeration solutions.  Where possible, we design systems that optimize on energy use and do not harm the environment.

GRADE Refrigeration offers a competitive salary, training programs and career advancement.


If you can inspire others to reach their potential, then GRADE Refrigeration can offer you a good career path.

We are looking for talented men and women to help us maintain our market leadership.  In addition to managerial and leadership skills, the ideal candidates can adapt quickly to change and encourage others to do the same.

Technical Experts

If you are an innovator at heart, then you will feel at home at GRADE Refrigeration.  We give you the freedom to innovate and the responsibility to make your ideas a reality.



If quality is important to you, then you will enjoy working at GRADE Refrigeration


Young professionals

Looking for your first job?  If you are ambitious, then GRADE Refrigeration is a good place to start.  We offer opportunities for starters at all educational levels.  

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