Not too hot, and not too cold for chocolate and cookies

Everything from one company – cooling and ventilation technology from GEA Refrigeration Technologies

When chocolate covers temptingly crunchy cookie material, precise temperatures are critical. If the room temperature is too cold, the chocolate coating will become tough; if the ambient air is too warm, only an ultra-thin coating would be possible. To ensure successful chocolate coatings, ventilation systems keep air temperature constant: for example, in Mars chocolate production in the Netherlands. These systems feature heating and cooling banks. These heat exchangers – like all other parts of the equipment – are easily accessible and can be cleaned from both sides. The use of stainlesssteel for crucial components likewise simplifies regular cleaning.


In the bakery, in which the crunchy cores of sweet snacks are produced, the units are not required to heat. There the air cools the freshly baked products in passing. Removal of vitiated production-floor air is provided by three air-extraction fans whose motors are installed outside the air flow – which prevents dust pollution of the motors by fine particles of cookies or nuts that are suspended in the air.
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