A lot of people make a weekly visit to the fast-food counter during breaks from school or work, when going out or to replace a normal meal. Even consumers at home don’t mind the odd snack. What’s more, the basic range of minced-meat hot dogs, croquettes and frankfurters has long been supplemented by chicken fingers, crisps wraps, veggie burgers and cheese crackers.

During production, a strong distinction is made between these basics and the increasing numbers of microwavable products. The enormous number of differences in the form, size and content of snacks means this sector is placing higher demands on temperature and humidity management in the production process.

Our snack-producers generally deliver their products deep-frozen. The divergent constituents, sometimes even with air in them, mean they form different product lines; consecutive tunnels, spiral freezers, etc. Our staff know exactly how to provide the required temperature and air-conditioning throughout the entire procedure, from processing, to deep-freezing and storage, and take all the quality regulations into account. As a result, consideration has been given to methods for freezing snacks individually before they are packaged, and to the costs and benefits in this fiercely competitive market.

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