The way is the goal. For vacationers who book a cruise, the ship experience itself has increasingly become the actual destination. Cruise ships are becoming ever larger, and passengers expect an extensive offering of entertainment, sports, wellness and luxury.

All of this of course includes comfortable room climate – already enough of a challenge in normal hotels. On cruise ships, though, it represents truly difficult terrain: which GEA Refrigeration Technologies gladly moves through for you. We have, for example, equipped passenger ships of Carnival Cruise Lines Inc. and of P&O Cruises with HVAC systems that create comfy coolness during hot nights on board.

The general trend for wellness and good health has also extensively entered the world of cruise cuisine. In fact, cruise passengers expect delicious but healthy food on board. The cooks of the countless restaurants on board cruise ships therefore expect that their fresh ingredients are stored under perfect conditions. In order to ensure sophisticated cooling in storage rooms for foods and beverages, GEA refrigeration systems are hard at work for the two reference cruise lines mentioned above. Those in charge of such restaurants take it absolutely for granted that the quality and reliability of such systems are flawless. The great challenger for GEA here, however, is in the efficient organization of the installation work. During construction and outfitting of a cruise ship, installation specialists from GEA Refrigeration Technologies must work from the bottom of the ship upward, from level to level, in extremely cramped space.

Refrigeration technology for marine systems-Cruise ships

Cooling and refrigeration for passenger ships:

  • Chillers for comfort climate control
  • Refrigeration technology for storage
    of food and beverages
  • Heat exchangers
  • Air-handling units



Refrigeration technology for marine systems-Cruise ships


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