GRADE Refrigeration is very proud of the quality and reliability of their products. We want to ensure that our refrigeration equipment is well designed, properly installed and well maintained. Correct maintenance prevents breakdowns and increases the life span of the installation. We are thereby pleased to offer you the following service facilities:

Spare parts

A practical and fast working parts organization has been established to supply the necessary spare parts worldwide. GRADE Refrigeration has its own stocks of spare parts that are available for clients who are urgently in need for spare parts.  The purpose of having these stocks is to provide a fast delivery to our clients based in the UAE and also in the Middle East region.

Field service team
Specially trained and experienced service engineers are on stand-by to give full technical assistance and after-sales service. The specialists of the Field service team can assist you with the installation, commissioning, maintenance, operational problems, on site inspection, overhauling and repairing of our products.

Service contracts
Service contracts tailored to suit your specific requirements can be made to keep your refrigeration compressor running smoothly. In practice, regular maintenance on a preventive basis has proved to be cheaper than waiting for breakdowns to occur. Grasso engineers are fully trained to carry this service out or to help you to set up your own preventive maintenance schedules.

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