Our customers want to be assured of optimal refrigeration 365 days a year. Our trained service engineers know exactly how to do that. With short communication lines. With frequent inspections for safety and operational certainty. With quick and professional intervention. With specialized advice and technical support for your own specialists. With service contracts which can even include the complete administration of and the full responsibility for the refrigeration.

Our complete package of services include:

  • specialized refrigeration for each field
  • across-the-board expertise, from complex cooling systems to air treatment
  • brand independence
  • well-trained engineers
  • periodic, preventive maintenance on a contract basis
  • corrective maintenance (follow up on defects)
  • frequent inspections for safety and operational certainty
  • status reporting with long-term estimate
  • reconstruct retrofit-HCFK installations for the future
  • advice and execution regarding environmental requirements related to RLK’97, phasing out of HCFKs, ammonia (CPR 13-  2   and prEn 378) and CE-PED guidelines
  • technical support (R&D) from our different headquarters
  • added value by means of service options, such as water 
    treatment, gas detection, trend analysis for oil, refrigerants, coolants and vibrations, chemical technical cleansing, calibration of temperature sensors, accident prevention, safety training

Next to our standard package of preventive and corrective services GEA Refrigeration Technologies offers numerous service options as an addition to the service agreement. Please contact your local office for more information about our different service options.

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