GRADE is a Joint Venture which started in 2006 in the Middle East, established by GRASSO International (a GEA Group AG company from the Netherlands) and ADEAREST (AC contracting and consultancy firm from the UAE).

The target of the joint venture is to be closer to clients and to serve and support (from Middle East) all present distribution channels and customers in the MENA Region, which will save time and reduce costs.

JOINT VENTURE established by GRASSO International and ADEAREST.

GRASSO was established in 1858 with its headquarter in the Netherlands and is now part of the GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft. GRASSO is one of the world’s leaders in all aspects of individual refrigeration contracting as well as component production, particularly for the food and beverage industries. Reliability, low energy consumption, extensive service network and the use of environment friendly refrigerants are the main features.

GRASSO manufactures reciprocating and screw compressors (-packages), ammonia-chillers, pressure vessels and other components for industrial refrigeration systems. The extensive range of high quality and reliable refrigeration compressors can be applied in almost every industrial refrigeration process.GRASSO has more than a century of experience as a manufacturer of compressors for industrial refrigeration. Constant improvements and innovations have created world class products, for which GRASSO is known throughout the industry.GRASSO operates with three manufacturing locations each with their respective Research & Development divisions:

  • Grasso GmbH for screw compressors, packages and components, located in Berlin, Germany.
  • Grasso Products b.v. for the reciprocating compressors, packages and components, located in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.
  • Grasso Halle GmbH for liquid chillers, located in Döllnitz/ Halle, Germany. With this organization structure GRASSO is able to guarantee maximum attention for all product groups.

Design and Manufacturing GRASSO works continuously on product improvements and innovations. Our products are built with state-of-the-art production technology, computerized automatic machining centers and measuring facilities. Welding robots together with highly qualified mechanical engineers guarantee consistent quality of the highest standards.All GRASSO factories are DIN and ISO 9001 certified. Compressors and auxiliary equipment can be supplied with certified approval from all major classification authorities.

ADEAREST Since the company was founded by Mr. Moussa M. Taha in Abu Dhabi in 1969, ADEAREST has developed into a power house of technical know-how, offering solutions in the design, execution and after sales service of industrial refrigeration and heat transfer systems.

ADEAREST expanded its work base in the United Arab Emirates and then in to neighboring Gulf countries. The company recently executed refrigeration and electromechanical projects in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and countries as far as Afghanistan and Djibouti.

Working with internationally renowned partners from the GEA Refrigeration division (headed by Grasso International of Holland) as well as other heat transfer equipment manufacturers, ADEAREST offers turnkey quality work within budget and to program.

The company is a reputed specialized EPC contractor. It maintains strong management, professional staff and a highly trained workforce. Our engineers and technicians are well experienced in the installation and maintenance of commercial and industrial refrigeration and cooling systems.ADEAREST maintains offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah with various workshops all around the United Arab Emirates.

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