The full range of GEA screw packages - First-class work based on proven developments.

The world-class quality of our screw packages is the product of years of experience in compressor technology. Everything is focused on value and functionality from development in our research labs to the production processes and quality assurance. The high reliability and long life of our GEA screw compressor packages is the result of fifty years of experience in compressor technology. 

Everything began with a series of single-stage packages. Today we produce various models with more than 50 different package sizes. They are suitable for the operation with natural and all other common refrigerants. Next to our standard models we also produce tailor-made solutions for customer-specific needs.

The GEA XSeries™ Compressor Package

The GEA GMX Series is available in several models, 30 – 350 HP, spanning 164 – 618 CFM utilizing various refrigerants including R-717, R-507, R-134A, R-744 and others.

Single-stage screw compressor units from the GEA Grasso M series are your #1 choice in the small to medium cooling capacity range across many industrial applications, such as food and beverage processing, pharma and chemical industry, and building climatization

The GEA Grasso SP1 series of single-stage screw compressor packages has been designed to cover highly individual needs from medium to the largest cooling capacity range.

Designed for low evaporation temperatures and high temperature lifts/high differential pressures, the two-stage screw compressor packages in the GEA Grasso SP2 series each include two serially mounted compressors for a low- and a high-pressure stage.

The packages in the GEA Grasso SPduo series feature two parallel-mounted screw compressors each.

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