GEA offers an extensive product portfolio of ammonia chillers for virtually any application for industrial refrigeration and air conditioning. Both as turnkey units with compact footprints – such as the models in the GEA Blu chiller range – as well as tailored solutions in modular design, our chillers are characterized by great reliability and optimal energy efficiency. They are available as piston compressor and as screw compressor units, and they are designed for indoor and outdoor installation. Our chillers can be used both for cooling as well as heat pumps. For example, our machines are used for freezing food products, process cooling in the chemical industry, air conditioning in office complexes, heating greenhouses and hot water.

This easy-to-install product line with weatherproof enclosure enables the use of GEA Blu technology in outdoor applications, whether on ground or on rooftop level.

GEA BluAstrum provides an economical entry into the GEA Blu chiller family, without compromises regarding the technological concept.

If your refrigeration plant operates primarily in part load mode, GEA BluGenium offers special energy benefits that have noticeably positive effects on the Total Costs of Ownership (TCO).

Natural refrigerant - Reduced installation costs - Low refrigerant charge - GEA Omni™ control panel - Reduced PSM requirements

The GEA FX GC / GEA FX GCduo series has a capacity ranging from 300 to 2,000 kW. The models are characterized by great part-load efficiency, even without frequency inverters. This series is suitable for all applications with temperature differences up to 50 K between evaporation and condensation.

The GEA FX P / GEA FX Pduo series is the industrial standard for applications with large temperature differences between evaporation and condensation. For freezing and cooling applications the range covers virtually all conceivable applications with a capacity from 200 to 5,800 kW.

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