Open type compressors

Compressors for drive with standard motors via V-belt or direct clutch. Flexible motor arrangement allows for practically all drive-related requirements. Suitable for all current refrigerants, also NH3.

F compressors single-stage
FZ two stage compressors
FDK compressor units
FDK NH3 compressor units

The F model series provides modern open type compressors for separate drive systems (using V belts or direct couplings). Load transfer through a V pair. Virtually all drive capacity requirements can be met.

Very compact compressor design, robust and easy to handle. Oil pump lubrication as standard.

Special features:

  • Compact construction 
  • Robust and easy to handle 
  • Suitable for V-belt and coupling drive 
  • Large number of applications with a wider rpm range 
  • Naturally with oil pump lubrication

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