GEA GRADE Refrigeration is an Industrial Refrigeration contractor operating in the MENA region. The Planning & Design Engineer will dedicate himself to the best of his ability to improve the profitability of the Company and its affiliates. The Planning & Design Engineer will report to the Operations Manager. 

The Position 

  • Ensures that projects are completed within set deadlines, on budget, and in line with all the relevant safety standards and regulations.

  • Responsible for use of AutoCAD (Computer Aided Design) for drawing mechanical plans in relation to Industrial Refrigeration.

  • Produce a technically accurate design set, in a timely manner that is consistent with company requirements and schedules. 

Duties and Responsibilities: 



  • Understanding the scope of the project.

  • Schedule the whole project at the beginning.

  • Producing visual aids to help explain the schedule of work.

  • Recognize interdependence parts of the project.

  • Identify the critical items at an early stage of the project.

  • Seek the best time and cost estimates as per all the information provided.

  • Modify and update the schedule when necessary.

  • Bring all contributors into the scheduling process for smooth project operation.

  • Coordinate activities in a structured manner for a successful outcome.

  • Must know how to determine the best ways to move materials, machinery and equipment between locations, and coordinate all the resources. 


  • Follow and monitor the project schedule on a regular basis.

  • Developing detailed yet simple to understand schedules and graphs.

  • Include all contributors in the monitoring process for monitoring.

  • Plan general alternatives for each contingency. Take into consideration appraising projects, analyzing the logistics, and managing time.

  • Must always keep the goals and alternatives in mind. 


  • Take early corrective action when needed.

  • Balance project effort.

  • Look for where effort can be reduced.

  • Must know how to consider the costs and possibilities of reducing them without compromising quality or safety of the project.

  • Must also provide immediate solutions to potential problems for efficient execution. 

  • Regulates the communication and cooperation that adheres to safety and other requirements.

  • Perform other related tasks as assigned by the Operations Manager. 


  • Produce appropriate and creative mechanical plans utilizing AutoCAD consistent with company objectives.

  • Ensure all materials are available (i.e. redlines, sketches, and written work scopes) to complete mechanical applications prior to starting a plan.

  • Understand and follow redlines, rough sketches and written work scopes to produce mechanical plans.

  • Prioritize, coordinate and communicate completion dates for assigned projects.

  • Recognize appropriate mechanical application options.

  • Utilize traditional sources (i.e. Equipment catalogs, vendor software, websites, etc.) of information and technical data.

  • Recognize, coordinate and apply design principles to ensure consistency across all projects.

  • Assist in the development, and communication, of Refrigeration application conventions.

  • Interact with Operations Manager to prioritize project needs.

  • Reapplication on existing design types.

  • Must be able to perform the essential functions of this position with or without reasonable accommodation.

  • Other duties as assigned by the Operations Manager. 


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering

  • Minimum of 5 years related experience

  • Proficient with AutoCAD (Computer Aided Design) and familiar with the technology used in planning projects

  • Thorough understanding of refrigeration design applications, heat transfer and equipment function

  • Ability to read and understand mechanical plans

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Excellent problem solving skills for predicted and unexpected problems

  • Attention to detail

  • Flexible and calm under pressure within tight deadlines

  • Good numeracy skills 

Conditions of employment 

Salary and other conditions of employment are competitive. 


Job function 


Position type 

Permanent employment 




Grade Refrigeration LLC 


HR Department 

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