GEA Grasso screw compressors for industrial refrigeration and air conditioning. Whether it’s in the food industry, chemical industry, in offices or in shipping, they all need refrigeration. GEA Refrigeration Technologies has the optimal cooling and air conditioning solutions for your individual requirements. We place particular value on energy efficiency, reliability, cost effectiveness and sustainability.

GEA Grasso screw compressors are well-suited for numerous cooling and air conditioning technology applications. The GEA Grasso SH, GEA Grasso MC and GEA Grasso LT series are designed in work with a maximum design pressure of up to 28 bar in standard situation. All compressors are also available in high-pressure models of up to 52 bar (some models can be increased to 63 bar upon request). They are particularly well-suited for extremely low temperatures, CO2 hot gas defrosting in cascade systems and for heat pump operations.

The GEA Grasso SH series comes in four sizes can cover swept volumes ranging from 231 to 372 m3/h.

The GEA Grasso MC series comes in four sizes with a swept volume ranging from 471 to 860 m3/h.

The GEA Grasso LT series comes in fourteen sizes and with a swept volume ranging from 805 to 8,560 m3/h.

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