Whether it is fuel gas boosting for gas turbines, carbon sequestration, refining and separation of hydrocarbons or CO2 compression for enhanced oil recovery, GEA FES can design and build an industrial refrigeration or gas compression system to meet your business requirements.

As a leading global manufacturer of industrial refrigeration equipment, GEA FES has now expanded our industrial product offering to meet your gas compression needs. GEA FES now offers screw, reciprocating or centrifugal compressors for gas compression applications. CO2 and the control of emissions have developed into an important aspect of the oil and gas industry. CO2 can be liquefied and pumped, or compressed and injected into oil fields for enhanced oil recovery. The removal of carbon from coal burning power plants is needed to control emissions to satisfy environmental concerns and regulations. CO2 can be recovered and refined into food grade CO2 for the food and beverage industry. GEA FES has the knowledge and expertise to design gas compression equipment to satisfy these requirements.

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