Through unique robustness and interlocking design, GEA Q-belt ensures a more reliable stacking system. Our enhanced patented interlocking system ensures robust, more stable stacking and minimize friction between tiers of long belts.

The GEA Q-belt is available in all standard widths and tier heights. It works with OEM drive systems, allows for partial section replacement, replaces entire belts with no modification to the system. The Q-Belt features will make your freezer run better, be more dependable, and last longer.

GEA Freezing expertise and service network guarantee the best solution and minimum downtime for your belt replacement.


GEA Q-Belt Technical Data


Stainless Steel 304: links, rods and mesh

Rods Size

6 mm

Wire mesh

6, 9,13 or 20 mm

Link height

40, 60 or 80 mm

Belt width

420, 510, 580, 600, 640 or 760 mm

Belt Turn

Left or Right (Belt collapsing on both sides)

Turn ratio



50,000 hours or 10 years


Throught its patented features Q-belt has proven to be more durable and more dependable than any other self stacking conveyor belt

Designed for Q-belt and any self-stacking belt that can collapse fully on both sides, our Collapsing Belt Take-Up can replace your outdated counterweight system for a more dependable operating system through tensionless belt run.

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