On behalf of GRADE Refrigeration LLC, I am hereby delighted to announce the appointment of Mr. Hani Walid Taha as GRADE’s new Director and Management Board Member.

Hani has been recognised as a long standing high performing employee, his most notable contribution being the business development of TIG group in multiple sectors. Hani graduated from the University of Southampton, an institution that is part of the esteemed Russell Group of top 20 universities in the United Kingdom. He attained a Master of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering, with a specialization in Sustainable Energy Systems. Furthermore, Hani has honed his technical skills and business know-how while being assigned to several roles within ADEAREST, TIG, and GRADE. His main role as the Business Development Manager for ADEAREST and TIG is focused on business and operations management as well as digital transformation.

Hereby, I am very enthusiastic to work with Hani and support him in his new strategic role, and the development of GRADE business in the MENA region.

Basem Alfar
Managing Director


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